An iPhone that can do everything!

What if all those cell phone apps weren’t just apps?


The future according to the 90’s

Apple promo depicting what kind of technology might be used in classrooms in the future.  It’s not too far off, but some of the technology is amusingly old-fashioned.

Interactive Sound Clouds

Usually clouds have a negative connotation, but these clouds light up and interact with the sounds around them.

Electronic Woodpecker Music

An art installation in the woods of Vancouver, where electronic birds peck at trees in different rhythms.  As they peck, their colors change in time with the music.

Technology for Seniors

Technology to allow seniors to remain connected to old memories and be more aware of what will be happening throughout their day.

robot birds are a reality

guess that means we can kill all the real ones

Climbing @Home

who wouldn’t love to add a rock-climbing wall in our living room ?