Convergence Innovation

Check out the CIC -Convergence Innovation Competition


The Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC) is an annual event produced by the GT-RNOC each Spring. This unique competition is open to all Georgia Tech students and focuses on innovation in the areas of Converged Services, Converged Media, Converged Networks, and Converged Client and Server platforms and environments. This includes the convergence of:

  • services (eg: maps + blog + phone)
  • service delivery platforms (eg: Internet+IMS+TV)
  • access technologies (3G + WiFi + IPTV)
  • client platforms (eg: smartphone + set top box + laptop + embedded devices)
  • smart grids
  • smart homes
  • connected vehicles

Participants are supported by GT-RNOC research assistants who are domain experts in a variety of relevant areas, and are given access to a wide variety of resources contained in the Convergence Innovation Platform. Resources in the areas of mobility, television, home networks, cloud services, and more are provided.

The goal of this competition is to develop innovative applications and services which are commercially viable. Winning entries will include a working end-to-end prototype with a strong emphasis on the user experience.


In the CIC, teams of world-class student innovators from technical and business disciplines submit proposals in February. These teams create new converged applications and services leveraging multi-session, multi-protocol visual and voice communication with relevant real-time information and media delivered over a variety of client devices and wired/wireless broadband networks. Proposals are evaluated for market and technical viability, novelty, creativity, and completeness.

Because of the focus on end-to-end prototypes and business viability, an ideal team might consist of 1 expert in human factors/interface design, 1 expert in business/marketing, and 1 or 2 systems/communications experts. While individuals, or alternate team makeups and sizes may compete, judging will not be adjusted for gaps in team composition. Teams are free to change the team members at any stage of the project. All the team members must be Georgia Tech students as of the Spring 2011 semester.

Sometimes it is difficult to find team members, especially from different departments. To help interested students find each other we have created a team building resource. If you are interested in joining a team or finding others who are looking for a team, please use theteaming page.

Entrepreneurs Drive for their Prize

Successful proposals become entries in the competition for seed funding, professional business plan consultation, and matchmaking with Venture Capital firms, or intrapeneuring with the competition’s industry sponsors. It’s a big win and not just for the ‘winners’. Exceptional projects that are runner-up in a given year’s CIC may continue their work in the next annual competition or, in some cases; they too may be funded for continued and uninterrupted progress toward commercialization.


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