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Creativity and Play


And for shits and giggles, a look to the innovations of the past

So this absolutely reminded me of our last class, taken to the extreme.

Programable crafts for kids


Technology used to make interactive crafts for kids.  We used these kits in workshops at Georgia Tech, and it was pretty neat to see what kids would come up with.

iPhone speaker made from bamboo

To continue the theme started at the Jam session: Using ordinary object to produce sound. This is a piece of bamboo, which a slot cut where the phone sits and the audio resonates through the bamboo. Can’t tell the sound quality from the video, but it’s a cool idea. (Don’t buy it. Make your own!)

Nervous Structure (field)

This isn’t so much a useful thing as it is a cool, artistic installation. I think it would be cool to have something like this in the home, on a wall, so that you feel like you are interacting with your home (or that it is interacting with you) as you walk around and go about your daily life. It kind of adds “life” to the home. It’s different from the Tableau Machine in that you would very clearly see how you are manipulating what is being displayed.

“Smart Furniture”

Well not “smart” in the usual way, this is more of how intelligent design can create amazing pieces of furniture. The video shows pieces of furniture which can be used in daily use, which fold up and compress in innovative ways to save space and have the ability of make a room much bigger than it actually is :