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An iPhone that can do everything!

What if all those cell phone apps weren’t just apps?


Interactive Sound Clouds

Usually clouds have a negative connotation, but these clouds light up and interact with the sounds around them.

Electronic Woodpecker Music

An art installation in the woods of Vancouver, where electronic birds peck at trees in different rhythms.  As they peck, their colors change in time with the music.

Let’s be real. Everyone wants to call up Vader, and now we can.

Here’s something a bit different, kinda like the quilt or clothing that we read up on during the semester.

BrandTable Concept

BrandTable is a concept for food courts where you order remotely from a table and pay with your phone. Neat idea. Uses NFC technology.



This project was completed as part of the Interaction Design and Electronic Arts program at the University of Sydney

Little Printer – Printing the personal mini-newspaper

Ever wanted to have live twitter updates or tagged status messages come up to you in print ? Or wanted to view all your subscription news on a newspaper ? Well, now you can ! Say hello to the Little Printer.  Its an amazing idea, and we absolutely need this for each of the labs !



As the description goes :

Little Printer lives in your home, bringing you news, puzzles and gossip from your friends. Use your smartphone to set up subscriptions and Little Printer will gather them together to create a timely, beautiful mini-newspaper.