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So here’s an interesting writeup of a recent blackberry addition to cameras. It’ll basically take a video recording that will let you catch the right time for your photo. More here:


So apparently there are some companies that are making money on some pretty simple systems. Perhaps I should check if they want to expand into the dinner preparation area.

AT&T Research Lab’s Innovations Showcase

Link to article:

Recently  AT&T was showing prototypes of what can be done with their APIs . This video and article highlights a few of the cool prototypes that were on show. I thought the first two were really cool. The first one was basically an RFID reader in the car that checks to see if you’re forgetting anything when you get into the car.  Everyone has experienced being on your way to work or some event and realizing that you left your wallet or laptop or something at home. This technology isn’t really brand new, but it’s a great application that could definitely  be useful.

The other prototype I liked was a phone that emitted a certain type of  vibration that would be conducted through your bones so that when you touch a doorknob your door would know whether you are the owner (and would unlock for you) or whether you are a friend or stranger. I don’t see this kind of technology being used right away, but I have seen research at GT where sound is being conducted through bone, which I thought was really interesting.  It would be really interesting to see an application of this vibration technology outside of sound.

Alive Inside

New documentary ‘Alive Inside’ shows power of music on elderly

An inspiring clip has been released from new documentary Alive Inside, showing the extraordinary therapeutic benefits music can have on the elderly.

if you are in NY, you can go see the full film

Wind Map InfoVis

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The quantified self

The quantified self

Counting every moment

Technology and health: Measuring your everyday activities can help improve your quality of life, according to aficionados of “self-tracking”

THE idea of measuring things to chart progress towards a goal is commonplace in large organisations. Governments tot up trade figures, hospital waiting times and exam results; companies measure their turnover, profits and inventory. But the use of metrics by individuals is rather less widespread, with the notable exceptions of people who are trying to lose weight or improve their fitness. Most people do not routinely record their moods, sleeping patterns or activity levels, track how much alcohol or caffeine they drink or chart how often they walk the dog.

But some people are doing just these things. They are an eclectic mix of early adopters, fitness freaks, technology evangelists, personal-development junkies, hackers and patients suffering from a wide variety of health problems. What they share is a belief that gathering and analysing data about their everyday activities can help them improve their lives—an approach known as “self-tracking”, “body hacking” or “self-quantifying”.

LG Smart ThinQ Technology (Smart Home Concepts)

LG proposses a full smarthome concept that self manages all the applicances, including updates and checks. In additional one can use a mobile phone to further manage the house. A proper smarthome that can be managed anyway.