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A Day Made of Glass 2

I believe we seen the version 1 of this Corning video. Was browsing around for more ideas on the end project and found this A Day Made of Glass 2 by Corning. It was uploaded last month and I do not remember it played in glass so decided to share it. Its a expanded idea of the first one, more futuristic, and bringing glass to school and automative. It is still quite far fetch, with holographic and mass multi touch systems and clear see through display with high fidelity color. However its a nice vision that may actually be achievable if more research is done such technology.


NXP and Belkin Wifi Link Up

This may not seem very interesting but its similar to the idea I pitched in class for the project, where we start allowing items to be hooked up without the complicated process. What this device does is give each item and IP address, allowing control of the item via smartphone. It may not be very exciting now but if the application moves ahead and allows items to obtain their individual IP while making the connection simple like in this case just hooking it up to the internal network, a possibility of a extendable smarthome that evolves over time maybe possible.

LG Smart ThinQ Technology (Smart Home Concepts)

LG proposses a full smarthome concept that self manages all the applicances, including updates and checks. In additional one can use a mobile phone to further manage the house. A proper smarthome that can be managed anyway.

Commercial Home Mapping Service

Jan Chipchase, formerly Chief Usabilty Researcher at Nokia and now “Executive Creative Director of Global Insights” at Frog Design, has an interesting post up speculating about businesses using small-scale quadrotors to map houses as a commercial service:

Let the swarms fly!



Drone Landscapes, Intelligent Geotextiles, Geographic Countermeasures

I feel like I’m maybe getting too into BLDGBLOG, but this post seems really interesting in a smart home context, although maybe a little larger in scope. Along the theme of “Design of Environments” is this post considering “speculative geotextiles,” allowing sensing of presence, reconfigurable landscapes, containing hills that roll and move, or respond to natural disasters. Based on laying underground cables, these networks could be configured to produce hundreds of mile-long swaths of sensor networks. Evocative.

underground cable
Laying sensor cable

underground cable
Augmented Landscapes

IDHI 12 Idea – Pecha Kucha

Hi Folks,

This is my idea for the IDHI 12 Project and possibly a CIC entry under Health IT:

UPDATE: Link was broken which is now fixed (hopefully 😉 ).


Please, please, please give me feedback and implementation ideas.




One of the essential properties of Near Field Communication is nearness, but this is set against one of the paradoxes of touch-based interaction where, in fact, nothing needs to touch. In a very short film made by the Touch project in collaboration with BERG,  nearness in interactive technologies is explored: