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An iPhone that can do everything!

What if all those cell phone apps weren’t just apps?


The future according to the 90’s

Apple promo depicting what kind of technology might be used in classrooms in the future.  It’s not too far off, but some of the technology is amusingly old-fashioned.

Traffic Cameras

In New York City Mayor Bloomberg is trying to crack down on speeding and other dangerous driving related offences. In order to do this he is pushing for traffic cameras on every corner. Automated tickets generate millions of dollars in revenue every year. A side effect of this is that the number of traffic accidents at intersections and areas with these automated systems decrease as people drive more safely to avoid tickets.

And for shits and giggles, a look to the innovations of the past

So here’s an interesting writeup of a recent blackberry addition to cameras. It’ll basically take a video recording that will let you catch the right time for your photo. More here:

So I felt like looking into some miniaturization stuff today, and here’s some fun little tidbits.

Eco Homes

Here’s an article about homes that exist/could exist in the future.  Some of them seem a little farfetched, but there are definitely some cool ideas, especially when you see what’s already been built.