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Technology for Seniors

Technology to allow seniors to remain connected to old memories and be more aware of what will be happening throughout their day.


So apparently there are some companies that are making money on some pretty simple systems. Perhaps I should check if they want to expand into the dinner preparation area.

AT&T Research Lab’s Innovations Showcase

Link to article:

Recently  AT&T was showing prototypes of what can be done with their APIs . This video and article highlights a few of the cool prototypes that were on show. I thought the first two were really cool. The first one was basically an RFID reader in the car that checks to see if you’re forgetting anything when you get into the car.  Everyone has experienced being on your way to work or some event and realizing that you left your wallet or laptop or something at home. This technology isn’t really brand new, but it’s a great application that could definitely  be useful.

The other prototype I liked was a phone that emitted a certain type of  vibration that would be conducted through your bones so that when you touch a doorknob your door would know whether you are the owner (and would unlock for you) or whether you are a friend or stranger. I don’t see this kind of technology being used right away, but I have seen research at GT where sound is being conducted through bone, which I thought was really interesting.  It would be really interesting to see an application of this vibration technology outside of sound.

Automated Home of Today

This is a video of a fully automated situated in Japan on a mountain. Using current technology by Control4 and integration, a fully automated home with settings that can both automate normal functions like lifting the blinds to heating the home and switching off the lights. It can also provide security by knowing if someone entered the home. All of this could be remotely controlled. It is expensive to do such a home for now but in the future this certainly can aid people in multiple ways.

Intertain Experience Home Lab

Have a look at this video to see what other Aware Home type initiatives are out there. This video focuses on how computers can be integrated into the daily activities which take place in a home environment.

This is much like a mixture of the Aware Home and the Syn Lab at GVU :


Time Warner’s Intelligent Home

Time Warner is bringing intelligent home features to the masses with their smartphone/tablet enabled system. This provides the basics such as arming/disarming the home security system, remotely switching off lights and adjusting temperature. While such systems have been around for some time, Time Warner’s system is a subscription based one, with the users paying a monthly fee to activate the system into their existing homes.

There is another, more detailed video, but it does not support embedding, so here is the link :

Home Vacuum Surveillance Robot

This is possibly old news, but the “LG Hom-Bot 2.0 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner” is a roomba-like vacuuming robot that has webcams built into it. You can log into these cameras via an iPhone or Android device. This is absolutely hilarious, but probably not worth the €500-700 that LG was expecting to charge for it.