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Green space

Looking into some changes with architecture and the whole move to green homes, and some of these are really nifty looking.


“Smart Furniture”

Well not “smart” in the usual way, this is more of how intelligent design can create amazing pieces of furniture. The video shows pieces of furniture which can be used in daily use, which fold up and compress in innovative ways to save space and have the ability of make a room much bigger than it actually is :

GOAB. A TV Experience Concept

At the eTv Lab at Georgia Tech, there have been lots of prototypes which use tablets as controlling screens for what a person watches on the TV. Take a look at these similar ideas from the  SYZYGY Lab at Frankfurt, and what their vision is of how in the future tablets will act as secondary devices for smart TV’s :


Alive Inside

New documentary ‘Alive Inside’ shows power of music on elderly

An inspiring clip has been released from new documentary Alive Inside, showing the extraordinary therapeutic benefits music can have on the elderly.

if you are in NY, you can go see the full film

Augmented Reality Glasses

Google has announced that they have began to do test on augmented reality glasses called Project Glass. The device will eventually be able to send messages, take photos, share to Google+, see the locations of friends, view maps, get directions, set calendar reminders, and more.

Click here for a video of how they envision the product to work.

For more information about the new product click here.

Galileo – remotely controlled iPhone dock

The Kickstarter page:

Microsoft Surface Solution Provider