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Music Therapy And Stroke

So what is the connection between music and healing?

That’s basically what the whole field of Music Therapy is all about. Listening to music has been found not only to ease depression and lift spirits, but also to increase concentration and restore a certain amount of impaired cognition.

However even more powerful than listening to it, is creating it. Creating music, whether singing, playing an instrument or just actively following along to a tune is even more effective and therapeutic. Below is a slightly old video of a stroke survivor who recovered most remarkably from the effects of stroke using the power of music to the point where he even released a couple of albums. Inspiring stuff!



The Future of Desktops Is Here… Or Is It?

MS Research and MIT Media Labs present a 3D gestural interaction space to replace traditional 2D Desktops, using a transparent screen, depth cameras and a head tracking to make windows appear in 3D on the transparent screen.


While the technology looks amazing, I don’t know if I agree with their idea of making this 3D interaction fit in with what mirrors the traditional Desktop experience. I mean it looks like they could do so much more with the gestural technology than have Windows 7 with gestural interaction. It is an awesome step in the right direction, but in the age of awesome Minority Report UI hacks with the Kinect, maybe they should have made the software a little better than Windows 7 in 3D?

IDHI 12 Idea – Pecha Kucha

Hi Folks,

This is my idea for the IDHI 12 Project and possibly a CIC entry under Health IT:

UPDATE: Link was broken which is now fixed (hopefully 😉 ).


Please, please, please give me feedback and implementation ideas.



Swarm of Quadcopters Play James Bond Theme On Real Instruments

This may not exactly be related to what our class usually discusses but this is a story about the UPenn Quadcopter swarm that can do amazing things in formation. In this video they are seen playing the James Bond theme on real instruments.

What interests me more than anything is how this totally makes sense as a swarm of personal butler quadcopters that can do miscellaneous tasks around the house. Forgot to grab a towel and don’t want to flood the bathroom after a shower? No Problem! Just call out to your personal swarm and it will delegate one of its members to fetch it for you. Forgot to carry your cell phone to the kitchen while you were cooking and it rang? No problem! Don’t let the dish burn by running to fetch it. Simply let the swarm attend to retrieving it for you. And so on…


Brain Controlled Skateboard!!!

Mind control! Just read the title!!! Brain controlled skateboard! 😀 ‘Nuff said. Check it out NOW!


Illumishare – Microsoft’s Latest Concept Of Shared Spaces

Imagine a that you’re desk is a shared space where people can interact with you as if they were sitting across from you. This is Microsoft’s vision of shared space in its latest iteration. Though admittedly extremely simple in terms of tech (hardly more than a projector and camera), the product is simple and effective. It can be used to play games together on pen and paper, play cards, get help from remote tutors with math and other homework, and just about any other interaction where another person’s presence can be overlaid onto an augmented shared space. More in the video.



Gesture Interaction Everywhere!

Mosaicing Gestural Surface – Mogees (for short), is a project that takes contact microphones and converts any surface into a gesture controlled interface. Simply brilliant! Though I am pissed that the man stole my idea for a similar gestural percussion control interface and generalized it! Hmmmph!!! X(