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Touching through glass

In the examples, BERG shot a range of objects in HD video while moving the camera, changed the focus or rotated objects in front of the camera. These sequences are then converted to work on an iPad, where the speed or framerate is controlled by swipes or taps on the screen, and they behave with a certain amount of friction, inertia, and physics.


OctoCloud interactive mapped sculpture

OctoCloud is a socially oriented mashup between foosball and Pong. Each player holds their own Android phone while facing an octagon. This octagon has a terrain all its own–polygonal peaks and valleys–and then it’s projection-mapped with a digital skin. Using touchscreens, each player slingshots their ball across the screen to knock out pieces on the board.

Galileo – remotely controlled iPhone dock

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Starry Night (interactive animation)

Wind Map InfoVis

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SWYP: See What You Print

Molly – turns your retweets into sweets