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Dynamic Pictures

Dynamic Pictures

Check out this guy website (Bret Victor,
He has done so many cool stuff. 


Top secret Chocolate Cake Recipe

Here is an extremely simple recipe for a chocolate cake from scratch that can never fail. Ever.
It’s a secret because it takes 5 minutes to make and is awesome. Damien if you leak this in France, I will hunt you down.

200g of chocolate (take the Nestle Dark Chocolate chunks, it is by far the best cooking chocolate available in grocery stores here)
100g of butter
100g of sugar
4 eggs
A big fat spoon of flour

Here are the instructions:
Melt the chocolate with the butter in the microwave. Add the rest of the ingredients. Put it in the oven at 450°.

If you want to go all fancy and show off, you can make a special version of Oreos (it’s also a secret because it is truly amazing).
Just use the exact same stuff above but make 2 cakes instead of 1 (200g of chocolate for 2 cakes, split the batter in 2). Then get Mascarpone (it’s an italian cheese) and add sugar and crushed chocolate in it so that it tastes good/amazing. Then spread it on one of the cake and put the other one on top. Melt chocolate, cover the top with it, and put the result in the fridge for one hour.

Not kinding, it cannot fail and it’s amazing (I messed one up last night and it was still amazing apparently).


Rail gun to send rockets

Rail gun to send rockets

Another awesome way to send stuff in the stars!!! 


39 days to Mars

39 days to Mars


For those who do not know Aphex Twin

Since this class is also about music… Careful, it’s kinda creepy and not for people with epilepsy.


Multitouch Keyboard and Mouse

Multitouch Keyboard and Mouse

Really nice design! Kickstart is awesome… Too bad it is not known in France at all.


Worse than the Wall-E scenario

This scares the living hell out of me.
I don’t want to appear too technophobic, but Technology comes with a lot of danger. Especially when it evolves faster than minds do.
Today, 20% of the French voters thought that an openly racist woman would do good at the head of their government, only because they don’t understand or foresee the damage it could do. Technology is far more complicated than politics… And way more dangerous.
Technology and progress are awesome… but awareness is the key?