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Sushi Bot


Interactive Plants

Looking for a little more companionship from your household plants? Then a team of researchers from Keio University in Japan may have just the thing for you. They’ve developed a rather elaborate system that promises to lets plants react to you and display a variety of different emotions (see “anger,” pictured above). Yes, that’s a real plant sprouting up out of the box, which contains sensors and microphones that monitor its surroundings, as well as some actuators that are connected to the plant itself with some fine cords. Lest you worry about the safety of the plants themselves, the researchers say that they’ve had plants rigged up like this for nearly a year and none have wilted.

Google’s autonomous car drive a blind man

Very interesting video of how Google maps and car can drive a blind man to much needed everyday locations. The video demonstrates how a blind man can perform everyday tasks like going to a drive-thru and dry cleaners and gaining back activities we take for granted.

Microsoft Surface Solution Provider

Ipad 3 concepts

Possible ipad 3 concepts

Voice it Table & LED Chandelier



Finder is a cool little device for those of you that are a little bit forgetful and misplace essentials, like your phone or your keys. Technically, Finder is a two-part RFID Locator comprising of main transparent terminal and a series of small tab stickers. Basically you are supposed to stick the tracking stickers to objects that you tend to misplace often, like keys, phone, wallet etc.