Flipping @ Tech- extensions of an extension of the idea (metaextended)

The last post referred to the notion of “Flipping the Classroom” by having students watch the lecture portions outside of class and participate in engaging activities during. One modification of this idea involves a reversal of the production-source. Video assignments can be given to students such that they (and not their profs) have the responsibility of creating the educational content. Links to these videos would be the deliverable, instead of the traditional pen and paper, or even the “standard” electronic submission. Three interface options now present themselves as extensions to this idea:

1. AutoGrader for video submissions: In 600 student Physics courses, how can the prof, even with the help of a few TA’s, hope to watch every video?

2. Crowd-sourced Annotator: would there not be value in a tool that allowed people to leave comments and/or notes within the videos, with the most commonly posted content algorithmically “rising to the top”?

3. Variable Playback Speed: ever watch an educational video and want to simply “skip to the good part”? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a speed dial that allowed you to crank up the speed on the boring parts of the problem presentation, while still allowing you to see and hear the content (just sped up a bit)? 


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