Lighting Up: Adaptive and Interesting way to change our landscape

Its a recent article on MIT students changing a building into a giant tetris display. I believe there was also a marketing video that made space invaders out of it. This may not actually be much related to most things we talked about but wont it be interesting if we leverage on the things we have today to create a vision of tomorrow. Rather then just lighting up our buildings, why not give it life on the outside that will also make the landscape interesting.

The thing is many of us envision some sort of vision of tomorrow, but most of us cant give up what we have today easily. All this structure and knowledge that lies around today wont be gone tomorrow or anytime in the near future. What we need to do is adapt them to this new vision rather then trying to replace them. Like retro fitting of current buildings, giving them smart circuits to control their internal flow and lighting, all this to change them for the future.

And of course a little fun like those guys in MIT wont hurt will it?


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