AT&T Research Lab’s Innovations Showcase

Link to article:

Recently  AT&T was showing prototypes of what can be done with their APIs . This video and article highlights a few of the cool prototypes that were on show. I thought the first two were really cool. The first one was basically an RFID reader in the car that checks to see if you’re forgetting anything when you get into the car.  Everyone has experienced being on your way to work or some event and realizing that you left your wallet or laptop or something at home. This technology isn’t really brand new, but it’s a great application that could definitely  be useful.

The other prototype I liked was a phone that emitted a certain type of  vibration that would be conducted through your bones so that when you touch a doorknob your door would know whether you are the owner (and would unlock for you) or whether you are a friend or stranger. I don’t see this kind of technology being used right away, but I have seen research at GT where sound is being conducted through bone, which I thought was really interesting.  It would be really interesting to see an application of this vibration technology outside of sound.

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