Contact Lenses Allow Simultaneous Near and Long Range Focus

An interesting article about a DoD project to help soldiers be able to focus on a HUD and distant objects. It’s a cool idea the only allows screens emitting polarized light to be view from short distances in front of the eye. The problem that I have with this, is their claim that you can focus on the nearground and background at the same time. They make it seem like the soldiers will be able to look at their HUD and something out in the battle field. I think this is a limitation of human capabilities, because it may just be me, but I can only focus on a small area at a time. Therefore, the helpfulness of the contact lenses is from the soldier not having to refocus their eyes between a near and far object, which for me takes as much time as it does to shift my eyes from point A to point B.

Granted, the contact lens idea is really cool, because it allows you to view a screen at the distance between your eyes and your sunglasses, which given a normal human eye, is impossible to focus on.

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