VA Tele-health study

This project seeks to integrate various modes of technology into the housing environment for previously homeless veterans. Here’s the Why?, What?, and How? (Much?) as directly stolen from the Pecha-Kucha


Some Veterans require continued medical (or professional) attention
Costs involved with getting to care providers cause some to forego treatment
Some diagnoses require constant trips to care providers
Homelessness is a traumatic event in itself
Homeless or formerly homeless veterans are plentiful in number but many times don’t qualify for some of the same treatment options
The original Tele-Health system is geared toward medical diagnoses
Modification of the Tele-Health system to accommodate formerly homeless Veterans
Veterans are provided housing with high-speed internet infrastructure
Some counselor check-ins (as well a other resource provisions) are done remotely
True experimental conditions are present (control and experimental groups)
How/How Much?
Proposals submitted to the VA for funding
Homes owned through partnership of GT grad students
Beyond the study, the housing provision is valuable
Connections with local businesses and neighborhood groups will be sought
Conclusion: Homelessness is a growing problem in Atlanta. A programmatic intervention such as this one promises to utilize technology in a manner that will ultimately be beneficial to society.  Studies on Tele-Health could benefit both users, administrators, and communities

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