GT CamNet

Another project idea is the GT CamNet, a collection of networked camera aimed at reducing the amount of crimes perpetrated on and around campus.

Why GT CamNet?

This project would be beneficial since recent Clery Act notices have raised of the need for security (and awareness) in the area. Recent crimes present even more pertinent information, as Professor Do’s unfortunate incident has shown us that the 5th Street area is not even included in the updates.  The Home Park area is in particular need, and the proximity to the Aware Home could potentially allow for additional resources.

What is GT CamNet?

¨Network of motion-sensitive IP cameras directed to capture images of the sidewalk and street
¨Last x hours of footage would be stored, then discarded if not needed
¨Resolution high enough to recognize personal description/ car tag
¨Cameras located on private residences
¨Data stored on servers (where?)
¨All cameras do not have to function
How would GT CamNet be integrated? How much would it cost?
¨Would require neighborhood support
¨Cameras and network infrastructure could potentially be donated
¨Management could stem from Aware Home (automated?)
¨Homeowners responsible for power to cameras (minimal)
¨Dummy cameras would be installed as a deterrent
¨Upon notice of an incident, footage would be reviewed
Summary: GT CamNet offers a very simple mechanism to affect the lifestyles of all those who live, work, play, and study at Tech.

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