Smart Kitchen and Cabinets

Apparently last year at CES a company demonstrated some technology that was similar to what I and a couple of other people were thinking for CIC projects. Through the packaging in some food and other products, sensors in the cabinets can track the nutritional information, expiration date, amount left, and other pieces of information, all without having to log anything. This is all displayed on a nice touchscreen interface.

They also have some cool technology where you can cook things and use appliances on the counter without having to plug anything in. This could free up your whole kitchen so you don’t have to limited to certain areas of your countertop. I’d be interested to see where this technology goes.


One response to “Smart Kitchen and Cabinets

  1. This video would be a great application of wireless electricity in the kitchen. This reminds me Nicola Tesla and his work on transferring wireless energy to power electronic devices.

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