Swarm of Quadcopters Play James Bond Theme On Real Instruments

This may not exactly be related to what our class usually discusses but this is a story about the UPenn Quadcopter swarm that can do amazing things in formation. In this video they are seen playing the James Bond theme on real instruments.

What interests me more than anything is how this totally makes sense as a swarm of personal butler quadcopters that can do miscellaneous tasks around the house. Forgot to grab a towel and don’t want to flood the bathroom after a shower? No Problem! Just call out to your personal swarm and it will delegate one of its members to fetch it for you. Forgot to carry your cell phone to the kitchen while you were cooking and it rang? No problem! Don’t let the dish burn by running to fetch it. Simply let the swarm attend to retrieving it for you. And so on…

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sUeGC-8dyk

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