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Re-envision Everyday

The future meets reality with Moverio BT-100, Epson’s newest venture in personal technology. The high resolution see-through display, Wi-Fi® connectivity1, and smart navigation capabilities creates an innovative visual experience. The portable controller and headset allows users to browse, shop and stay connected while still being part of their environment. See beyond the confines of the everyday with Moverio. Reality as we know it has a new name.Moverio BT-100


Microsoft Surface Solution Provider

Home Vacuum Surveillance Robot

This is possibly old news, but the “LG Hom-Bot 2.0 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner” is a roomba-like vacuuming robot that has webcams built into it. You can log into these cameras via an iPhone or Android device. This is absolutely hilarious, but probably not worth the €500-700 that LG was expecting to charge for it.



Light Painting for Photography – The LightScythe

The idea behind this device is light-painting, which is drawing with a light source while a camera takes a long exposure. The acrylic tube houses a 2 meter LED strip which is controlled from a PC via Xbee. The LEDs flash in a pre-programmed sequence as the shutter to the camera opens and the artist walks at a steady pace holding the tube until the shutter closes. The result is seen above. Also, the creator, The Mechatronics Guy, has made it all open source so you can make your own.

The Sandbag Shelters

anybody in this world
should be able to build a shelter for his or her family
with the simplest of elements –
earth, water, air, and fire

Nader Khalili

The quantified self

The quantified self

Counting every moment

Technology and health: Measuring your everyday activities can help improve your quality of life, according to aficionados of “self-tracking”

THE idea of measuring things to chart progress towards a goal is commonplace in large organisations. Governments tot up trade figures, hospital waiting times and exam results; companies measure their turnover, profits and inventory. But the use of metrics by individuals is rather less widespread, with the notable exceptions of people who are trying to lose weight or improve their fitness. Most people do not routinely record their moods, sleeping patterns or activity levels, track how much alcohol or caffeine they drink or chart how often they walk the dog.

But some people are doing just these things. They are an eclectic mix of early adopters, fitness freaks, technology evangelists, personal-development junkies, hackers and patients suffering from a wide variety of health problems. What they share is a belief that gathering and analysing data about their everyday activities can help them improve their lives—an approach known as “self-tracking”, “body hacking” or “self-quantifying”.

A Day Made of Glass 2

I believe we seen the version 1 of this Corning video. Was browsing around for more ideas on the end project and found this A Day Made of Glass 2 by Corning. It was uploaded last month and I do not remember it played in glass so decided to share it. Its a expanded idea of the first one, more futuristic, and bringing glass to school and automative. It is still quite far fetch, with holographic and mass multi touch systems and clear see through display with high fidelity color. However its a nice vision that may actually be achievable if more research is done such technology.