“Home Networking” paper

I read “Home Networking and HCI: What Hath God Wrought?” by Erika Shehan and W. Keith Edwards. This paper is about making easier the installation and maintenance of a home network. It is a collection of ideas of how we could change the networks technically, and what we could do to achieve this goal.

I chose this paper because of the two key words of the title. Networking, as Brian  explained during his presentation of the Aware Home, is at the center of the idea of creating a smart home in Georgia Tech. As for HCI, it is a fields into whcih I am very interested, and I thought it could be nice to read ideas about how the home networking experience could be improved from an HCI point of view.

I was a bit disappointed by the HCI part of the paper, as there is not so much material about that. However I found the paper very interesting because unlike many other papers that try to create a brand new product, this one focuses on making something more robust. I think that answering the questions they raise has to be done in order to have a chance to see products from the Aware Home implemented in real houses.

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