Vision Video for Smart Home

Each team please use coordinate and collaborate to produce the Vision video of a Smart Home in 2200.

Pipeline tool is at

The content of the video should include

* team name, theme, credits

* design the technology and interaction for a day for residents in the Smart Home – suggest 5 characters (mom, dad, grandma, boy, girl) – could substitute anyone to any other character – pet, robot, alien, bug, etc.

* design the software or hardware technology demo (rapid prototype, mock-up, screen shots, wizard of oz, etc) and the narrative and interaction for the characers and produce scenario video (hand drawn, cad, photoshop, stop motion video, real life acting, etc)

* combine all video together in any format – single narrative, co-existence, parallel universe, brady-bunch style multiple windows, or TV series 24

Video screening to be Feb 7th in class


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