“What was I cooking?” Paper

I read the What Was I Cooking?  Towards Deja Vu Displays of Everyday Memory paper by Quan Tran and Elizabeth Mynatt.  This paper looked into creating a visual collage of the cooking process to help a chef’s memory.  Unfortunately the results feel inconclusive from this paper, and I would like to see an extended study done.

The reason I chose this paper is primarily to do with the close tie in to the kitchen.  I’m planning on doing a project related to the kitchen, and wanted to see what sort of issues this research brought to light.  Specifically I found the prospect that having cameras in the kitchen area might be detrimental to privacy interesting and will need to take that into consideration.

In terms of being a memory aid, I found this paper to be somewhat limited in usefulness, as I don’t feel the rigor of the test case really showed adequate results.  That being said, a few ideas of mine plan on using similar situational awareness techniques, such as using video feed to display current and recent states of the kitchen.  Thus there were some benefits to reading this paper, just not as much as I would have liked.  On a side note, there were two other papers that dealt with the kitchen, both followups to this paper.  It should be noted that the links to these papers were removed, and should be updated.

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