“Using Cellphones to Interact with Public Displays” paper

The paper i choose to read on was “Using Cellphones to Interact with Public Displays from a Distance” by Aras Bilgen and Shahram Izadi. The key idea behind this paper was to allow people to interact with displays with their cellphones. The technology enabler in this approach being the infra-red port within the cellphones as well as webcams fitted with infrared filters.

The reason why i chose this paper would be that, (1) cellphones, specifically smartphone, have become pervasive and a true form of ubiquitous computing. Almost everyone carries one with them these days. The idea of using the phone as a tool in which people can make social interaction in the real world, be it in terms of displays or augmenting their surrounding is something that interests me.

(2) The second reason why i found this paper interesting is the notion  behind having surroundings which the users can interact with. Though such ‘virtual walls’ having their presence in areas such as malls, their interactions are limited. Perhaps there are areas that can be explored here.

Here is a video that shows one such example of an interactive wall at the University of Dayton 

And another example of a digital graffiti wall: 

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