“Using Cellphones to Interact with Public Displays from a Distance” Paper

I chose to read this paper because of the following three themes explored in it:

1. As phones get smarter and have processing power comparable to computers, have large memory that holds a lot of our files or can connect to a file server on the cloud(like Dropbox) and have all time internet connectivity, there may not be a need to carry a laptop around or keep different computers in sync since we may just plug-in our phones to the public displays provided by the infrastructure.

2. Gestural interactions may one day replace how we interact with computers because of them being so natural to humans. A major step has been the arrival of the Kinect since the paper was published and we see more and more amazing hacks come out using it.

3. The social and collaborative aspect of using a public display controlled simultaneously by multiple devices to share and work on things of interest to a group of people like editing documents, presentations and reports.

A related and fun concept:


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