Toys and Technology

I read “Designing toys with automatic play characterization for supporting the assessment of a child’s development” and “Grow and Know: Understanding Record-Keeping Needs for Tracking the Development of Young Children”.  These papers describe the role that technology can play in assessing the development of children as well as making it easier for parents and caregivers to track their children’s progress.

I chose these papers initially because the topic of toys that think seemed like a fun idea.  I am interested in creating technology that is not only useful, but pleasant to use and makes people appreciate technology. Using toys to make life easier is very much in line with that interest, and I like the idea of objects that kids enjoy and parents appreciate.  This is also a very important area of study, because identifying developmental delays early can greatly improve the treatment and outcomes for children.  Fun, useful, and life changing technology, all through the use of toys!

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