“Privacy and Technology: Folk Definitions and Perspectives” Paper

I chose to read this paper because I find the issue of privacy very interesting and important, especially in the home environment where people should feel safe. In the tour of the Aware Home it became clear that there are various cameras and sensors throughout the home, which I felt could be unnerving for many, depending on how they’re used. This paper began investigating how different people defined privacy, and how definitions changed between males and females, and younger or older adults.

Females tended to be more concerned with privacy issues involving others, and used terms like “respect,” “seclusion,” and “personal.” Males talked about freedom, anonymity, and comfort, which were unique from the females’ conversation. Although not many older adults participated, they tended to focus more on space than information. These differences between the individual definitions for privacy between these groups raise interesting design implications depending on who the product is targeted towards.

One response to ““Privacy and Technology: Folk Definitions and Perspectives” Paper

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