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Happy Healthy Living

Welcome to the Interaction Design for Home Innovation blog. This is the place where we will share interesting ideas, reflections, and information.

Here are some suggestions about posting.

  1. Add new project ideas for yourself or others.
  2. Add blog posts about any interesting  page you read on the web that’s related to happy healthy home, interaction design, innovation, and the built environments.
  3. Post your latest new stuff.

Check out the Convergence Innovation Competition

Why Should I Get Involved?

The CIC is an excellent opportunity to broaden your skills. You can get experience with and access to new technologies in a unique environment containing resources which are not generally accessible to university students. The competition also allows you to develop a business case & pitch your work to industry executives. You get the chance to build something real; something that solves a nagging problem or creates something unique. Throughout the competition you will have access to industry partners through category definition by our sponsors, industry reviews of your work, and juding of your technical and business submissions. All of these will give you a leg up in networking for internships & recruiting, or starting your first company. Beyond this you will enjoy the work and have fun competing and interacting with your peers, lab staff, and our industry partners.

Participating gives you the unique opportunity to:

  • Work on multidisciplinary teams with programmers, engineers, interface designers, management majors, & more
  • Quickly develop end-to-end prototypes
  • Broaden your skills
  • Get access to cutting edge technologies in the fields of mobility, television, home networks, cloud services, & more
  • Develop a business case and learn to pitch it
  • Network with industry
  • Own your idea: start your company